What’s Your Story?

12 June 08

TED recently posted a great talk by Yves Béhar (of previously-mentioned Fuseproject fame). In 18 minutes, Béhar walks us through some of his more famous projects (Herman Miller’s Leaf Light, the Aliph Jawbone, Y-Water) and details how the design of each of these projects was driven by stories. Stories, according to Béhar, are what set innovative products apart from the rest of the pack. Stories create a bond between the end-user and the product, and they help to ultimately create loyalty. Read the rest of this entry »


(Ad)Venture(ous) Design

9 June 08

futurethink fuseproject

Businessweek recently ran an interview with Fuseproject’s Mitch Pergola. If you’re not familiar with it, Fuseproject is the award-winning industrial design shop founded by Yves Béhar in 1999.

Pergola, who handles the firm’s business strategy and development, discusses how he and Behar have applied design principles to the business itself, essentially redesigning the way an industrial design shop should function as an organization. When asked about his greatest accomplishment so far, Pergola answers:

“The biggest is building our somewhat unique business model. The main focus of Fuseproject is to do important game-changing design work, and everything else is there to support that effort. We like to reinvent things, including the way we do business.” Read the rest of this entry »