What’s Your Story?

12 June 08

TED recently posted a great talk by Yves Béhar (of previously-mentioned Fuseproject fame). In 18 minutes, Béhar walks us through some of his more famous projects (Herman Miller’s Leaf Light, the Aliph Jawbone, Y-Water) and details how the design of each of these projects was driven by stories. Stories, according to Béhar, are what set innovative products apart from the rest of the pack. Stories create a bond between the end-user and the product, and they help to ultimately create loyalty. Read the rest of this entry »


1,000 of the World’s Greatest Minds in One Place

1 March 08

futurethink TEDTED started out as an annual conference in Monterey, California devoted to Technology, Entertainment, and Design. Though the organization’s focus has broadened over the years, the annual TED conference is still the main engine that drives TED’s success, bringing together 1000 of the world’s most remarkable people and creating a forum where world-changing ideas are born.

The conference kicked off this past week on February 27th, and runs through today, March 1st. As always, the conference’s 18-minute talks will be released slowly over the next few years. Some of this year’s notable speakers include former US Vice President and environmental activist Al Gore, novelist Amy Tan, “expert” John Hodgman (the PC in Apple’s notorious ad campaign), BBC Correspondent Matt Frei, author and scholar Nassim Nicholas Talib, spiritual guru Ravi Shankar, and designer Yves Behar.

Learn more about the conference and this year’s big questions at TED.