Go Ahead – Be Heard

17 January 08

CreateSpaceIt’s no secret that the future of media is – how shall we put it – uncertain, at best. Despite DRM and law suits and copy protection, media of every type is going digital and being distributed on the internet. Bigger players, like the record labels and television networks, are trying their hardest to figure out a scalable distribution model that will allow both them and content-producers to earn money off of digital content, but at the end of the day, anything digital can very easily be shared for free. And when something’s available for free, most people aren’t going to shell out for it, no matter how ethical they are. But I digress…

Content creation isn’t any easier than before – people still need talent of some kind in order to create work worth reading/listening to/watching. Distribution is the easy part. And it’s getting easier everyday. Read the rest of this entry »


The Evolution of Publishing

7 December 07

The Espresso Book Machine – named for the speed with which it can print a book – is designed to print and bind between 15 and 20 paperback books per hour (dependingon the length of the book). The machine is designed to allow the public on-demand access to a huge selection of literature in an array of languages. Users just walk up to the machine, select a book from the catalog, and wait a few minutes for their book to print. This machine basically means that an entire bookstore or library could be digitized and loaded into this machine for on-demand printing. Currently, the Espresso Book Machine is in testing at the World Bank Infoshop in Washington, D.C., and at the Library of Alexandria in Egypt.

What’s fascinating is how this machine challenges new portable devices such as Amazon’s Kindle and Sony’s Reader. On Demand Books, the company behind the machine, is essentially betting that paperback formats will never be completely replaced by electronic formats. What do you think?

Learn more at TIME and On Demand Books.