Innovative Marketing: P&G’s Manhattan pop-up store

8 December 10

I often find myself lost at the local grocery store, or on the pages of, shopping list in hand, wondering how to choose between the plethora of kitchen towels, detergents, or bath products available. Better yet, how does a company like Proctor and Gamble get me to purchase their particular version of a product? Packaging surely can’t get any more glitzy and eye-piercing, one would hope, so how do I pick among the various options without experiencing buyer’s remorse once I return home?

It just so happens that P&G conducted a market research campaign which showed that up to a quarter of household product purchases failed to live up to expectations but that nevertheless, people were very open to trying out new and innovative products they came across. Instead of simply gearing up for another media advertising campaign, P&G decided to open up a pop-up store in a busy Manhattan intersection to give visitors a tactile experience of select merchandise in order to sway their purchasing habits. The ten day pop-up experience, located on the corner of 57th Street and 6th Avenue, was part of P&G’s new marketing campaign designed to showcase 18 of the company’s newer and innovative products. Dubbed “Have You Tried This Yet”, the new campaign focused on providing various customer touch points in order to form a stronger connection between buyer and product, and allow visitors to actually try out products while being helped by friendly P&G employees. Perhaps this would help me find some answers to my vexing shopping experience?  Read the rest of this entry »