Pepsi Puts Its Money Where Its Mouth Isn’t

1 February 08

Whether you’re pulling for the Giants or Patriots this Super Bowl Sunday, it’s likely you’ll be checking out the high-priced ads.  One of Pepsi’s spots is called “Bob’s House,” and takes quite a risk: not a sound will be heard for its entire 60 seconds…

How viewers will react is anyone’s guess.  (I happen to think the quiet will attract a more concentrated attention.)  The spot features deaf actors and is apparently based on a joke in deaf culture.  From Pepsi’s press release:

Slated to air on the pre-game show on FOX, the commercial features Pepsi-Cola and Lay’s Potato Chips, but its real mission is to bring awareness of the American deaf community to a wider audience.  PepsiCo also will sponsor the closed captioning of FOX’s entire Super Bowl broadcast.

Great to see innovation in advertising stepping in this direction (as opposed to more talking frogs, flatulent horses, and mud-wrestling super-models).

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