The Collective Office

19 March 08

futurethink sunshine suites Sunshine Suites is a New York-based company that leases “office space” to people on a per-desk, per-day basis. Entrepreneurs, writers – anyone who needs a quiet, “official” place to work – can rent out space at one of Sunshine Suites’ three Manhattan locations. Users can also rent conference rooms equipped with the latest telecommunications goodness, or just a desk with an internet connection, phone line, and comfortable chair. The flexibility and low cost are appealing to people looking to work on their own terms. For small companies and start-ups, the company offers special solutions that can simplify life and allow business owners to focus on growing their business instead of dealing with office space. Another nice perk is that Sunshine Suites members get access to a host of corporate “benefits” and discounts with Citi, Staples, Crunch Gym, UPS, and Zipcar.

The company is just one more example of the work when/how/where you please attitude that’s sweeping corporate America. The big oak desk and the corner office of yore are quickly becoming relics of an out-of-date work environment. We’re not saying that Sunshine Suites are going to replace the traditional offices of large organizations – but they will likely become increasingly popular for people who work for themselves or who run small, web-based businesses. Could this represent the future of work?


Go Pro with Apple

13 December 07

Weary about switching to a Mac? Apple hears you, and wants to hold your hand through the process of switching to their product. In addition to a multitude of free 1-hour sessions designed to give new users a basic overview of Apple products, newly launched Pro Labs are free, 4-day, 8-hour sessions designed to help “aspiring creative professionals” get their hands dirty in Aperture, Logic Pro, and Final Cut Studio. Currently, the Pro classes are only available at New York’s recently-opened Meatpacking District location.

It’s great to see that Apple recognizes some of the challenges its customers face and is responding with free educational content to add depth and value to their already successful product line. How might you better educate your own customers to add greater value to your offerings? Learn more about Apple Pro Labs at Apple.