Google’s Recession Antidote: Innovation

26 August 09

Google's Recession Antidote: Innovation

Since last fall, the news has been dominated by tales of woe: companies going under, layoffs, downsizing, restructuring, billions of dollars lost. It’s no wonder that organizations today feel handcuffed to the point that innovation takes a back seat to simply staying afloat. But a few companies are bucking the trend and seem to be more focused on growth and innovation than ever before. One of these companies is Google.

In the last 3 months alone, Google has announced groundbreaking new projects such as Google Voice, the Chrome operating system, and Google Wave. These projects, which have been brewing for as many as five years now, are major growth opportunities for a company whose core search business is beginning to plateau. While some companies have chosen to stop work on major, untested new projects, Google has opted to charge forward and is planting a number of important seeds for its future. Will all of these new projects be runaway successes? Probably not. Will at least one of them take off? No one can be sure, but given Google’s track record, it’s very likely. We’ve all read the snippet about Google launching its search business during the dot-com bust in 2000. Read the rest of this entry »


Google Search Wiki

20 November 08

A few months ago, we wrote a post about the future of Web search. Specifically, we talked about a new feature that Google was experimenting with at the time. Well, that experiment has now hit prime time and Google has announced its “Search Wiki” offering officially.

From the official Google Blog:

Today we’re launching SearchWiki, a way for you to customize search by re-ranking, deleting, adding, and commenting on search results. With just a single click you can move the results you like to the top or add a new site. You can also write notes attached to a particular site and remove results that you don’t feel belong. These modifications will be shown to you every time you do the same search in the future. SearchWiki is available to signed-in Google users. We store your changes in your Google Account. If you are wondering if you are signed in, you can always check by noting if your username appears in the upper right-hand side of the page. Read the rest of this entry »

Reduce, Reuse, Retail: Target

5 December 07

Target has recently become the first major US retailer to offer a full-blown recycle-resell program (save for Apple, which only recycles and resells its own products). Big Red will now accept various electronic devices for recycling, and will repair/refurbish items whenever possible to sell them at a discount. The program will currently only sell refurbished goods online, though it will accept items for recycling in-store.Could we be moving into an era where electronics become more like automobiles? Cars are designed to last, and therefore often have multiple owners over the course of their usable lives. Why shouldn’t the same be true for high-ticket televisions or iPods?

Read more at Reuters or view refurbished items for sale at Target.