Blind Innovation: Don’t Let it Happen to You

30 October 08

We’ve just wrapped up the publication of our latest white paper, Ready, Fire! Aim? Why a fear of commitment is killing innovation. It’s the third installment of our annual “Innovation Tracker,” which examines the results of our 20-question online innovation diagnostic from innovators across a variety of organizations.

What did we find this year? Simply put, organizations are approaching innovation efforts without first taking the time to lay down the proper foundation. They’re blindly engaging in innovation activities such as idea-generation and culture-building while avoiding discussions around innovation strategy and processes. The problems with this are many. Read the rest of this entry »


A Little Facelift

17 April 08

futurethink re-launch

Anyone who’s been reading futurethinktank for a while might notice a few little cosmetic tweaks here and there. They’re no accident, it has all been part of a larger futurethink facelift. And it’s not just the blog, our website has a completely new look and feel as well. As do the 200+ items in our Innovation Research and Tools catalog.

It’s been a busy couple of months preparing for the re-launch, but we’re really excited and immensely pleased with how everything turned out. So hop on over to the website if you get a minute and take a look around. If you register in the next 5 days, you can download the John Deere Case Study for free.


Innovator Trading Cards

17 January 08

When it comes to trading cards, why should professional athletes and Yo-Gi-Oh fans have all the fun? Shouldn’t the world’s most innovative companies have their own set of cards? We say YES, so we took matters into our own hands. (Literally.) Say hello to our very own decks of Innovator Trading Cards


(For a peek inside the shrink wrap, and to see a few other things on the futurethink horizon, click here.)

With Lisa and Chetan choosing our 20 featured companies, Josh handling the research and copy, and Cory providing the killer design, I knew we’d have an inspiring hit on our hands. (My job was easy – I just smiled and gave two thumbs up.) Cory and I just got back from dropping off a bunch of decks at Fedcap, a terrific organization here in New York that helps with fulfillment. (Fedcap employs people with disabilities and helps them achieve independence through participation in the workaday world.)

Yes, Apple has a card. Yes, Google has a card. Let us know who YOU think should have a card. (Chances are we’ve already got ‘em.)