The Future of Green Business Strategy

21 August 08

We’ve just wrapped up publication of our latest research report: The Future of Green Business Strategy, and I’ve noticed the volume on Green has turned up a few notches since we began researching this report a few months ago.

Just today, I came across a new site by the American Institute of Architects designed to inform both architects and the general public on the world of Green building. The site is a perfect example of how various organizations around the globe are cutting through the “noise” to communicate a clear, focused message on sustainability and the environment. It’s called Walk the Walk, and it features a number of resources, tutorials, and videos that inform visitors on the many facets of Green architecture and construction. There are two dedicated sections: one for people in the industry (architects, builders, designers) and one for everyone else (anyone considering remodeling or construction). The information on the site is clear, honest, and direct. It doesn’t focus too much on the “crisis” aspect of Green—rather, it offers much food for thought around how to simply make things better.

I then stumbled on a recent Newsweek interview with William McDonough, a Green architect and co-founder of McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry, the organization that hatched the very progressive (and smart) Cradle-to-Cradle certification program. Read the rest of this entry »


(Ad)Venture(ous) Design

9 June 08

futurethink fuseproject

Businessweek recently ran an interview with Fuseproject’s Mitch Pergola. If you’re not familiar with it, Fuseproject is the award-winning industrial design shop founded by Yves BĂ©har in 1999.

Pergola, who handles the firm’s business strategy and development, discusses how he and Behar have applied design principles to the business itself, essentially redesigning the way an industrial design shop should function as an organization. When asked about his greatest accomplishment so far, Pergola answers:

“The biggest is building our somewhat unique business model. The main focus of Fuseproject is to do important game-changing design work, and everything else is there to support that effort. We like to reinvent things, including the way we do business.” Read the rest of this entry »