Our Ideal Smartphone Application

29 October 10

Adapted from Amazon.com

Here at futurethink, we’ve been researching various smartphone applications to feature in our newest resource list on mobile tools that can help support your innovation strategy. These applications focus on features ranging from capturing ideas on the go, connecting and collaborating with various project members, to cloud storage systems, and brainstorming tools. This got us thinking; what would our ideal innovation focused smartphone application look like? While applications that try to be everything for everyone are generally doomed to mediocrity, if we had unlimited resources to design the ideal innovation application, here is where we would start.

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Some Useful iPhone Apps

1 December 09

A fellow futurethinker finally got an iPhone this past holiday weekend, bring the firm average back up to a respectable 75% adoption level.  Given the latest post, Do We Really Need an App for That?, I thought I’d try to list out some apps I actually do need and use fairly often, as a starting point for the new iPhone in the office.  This is in no way meant to be an exhaustive list, but merely a list of some apps I currently use that could be useful for others.  Here goes:

  • Remote: Great for controlling your iTunes without having to be at the computer — you just need to be connected to the same wireless network.
  • Air Mouse: even better for controlling your entire computer without having to be there.  Your iPhone is turned into a either a mouse or a trackpad.
  • WorkSnug: For the mobile worker, the never-ending search for your ‘third place’, complete with WiFi and coffee, is over with this app that uses augmented reality.  So far it only works in London, but they’re going to launch it in NYC and San Francisco soon, I hope.
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Do We Really Need an App for That?

30 November 09

We live in what the Huffington Post calls an evolving “Clickocracy,” one nation, under Google, with email and viral video for all. There’s no question that the ever-expanding universe of technological innovation pushes all of us to seek out the next big innovations of our own. Some organizations, however, are better at embracing new innovations than others.

Take, for example, the now ubiquitous iPhone App. When Apple launched its App Store back in 2007, it invited pretty much anyone to submit applications for the device using a toolkit of neat technologies. Some organizations have gone on to create genuinely useful, innovation applications for this platform. Like the popular website Yelp, whose app not only allows users to easily find and read reviews of nearby brick-and-mortar business, but nudges into the world of augmented reality by allowing users to hold their iPhone cameras up to a business storefront and instantly see ratings and reviews of that location without having to type a thing. For every App like Yelp, which takes full advantage of the iPhone’s interface and feature set and adds value to Yelp’s core offering, there are ten more that are, to put it mildly, completely useless. Read the rest of this entry »