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Innovation is our expertise and training is our passion. We believe that everyone can be innovative, they just need to know how to start (that’s where we come in!)

futurethink is a leading innovation training firm. We enable your organization to build innovation capabilities and drive meaningful engagement around innovation. futurethink empowers your employees with the skills and knowledge they need to accelerate change, drive growth, and solve the big problems better. Our unique training curriculum, complete with our library of client-tested tools and research, helps you apply science to the art of innovation and achieve measurable results from your efforts.

Self-promotion starts here (in the form of frequently asked questions):

What is the world’s largest catalog of innovation research and tools?

Good question. It’s a body of easy-to-use, easy-to-digest, downloadable PDFs that will help you ignite innovation in your organization or team. Our research consists of hundreds of unique case studies and innovation examples, as well as interviews with inspiring innovators, insightful white papers, and more. The tools side of the catalog contains how-to guides, workbooks, and interactive exercises that will help you build a successful innovation program from the ground up.

Sounds great. How do I get access?

Much of the content on our website can be purchased individually, but Memberships allow you to get complete access to all of the content on our website. A futurethink Premium Membership keeps your finger on the pulse of innovation, by giving you access to hundreds of timely case studies and resources, and empowers you to translate innovation into action, by using our “how-to” tools to work through all your innovation challenges.

What types of content do you have?

Where do we begin? Let’s start with Research

  • White Papers are our thought-leadership articles and studies based on proprietary research and our experiences out in the field. They offer some cutting-edge perspective on the world of innovation.
  • Innovator Interviews are audio files or PDF transcripts of thought-provoking conversations we’ve had with some fascinating innovators around the world.
  • Snapshots are bit-sized case studies on some of the greatest innovations from across the globe. They’re focused on the Eight Angles of Innovation™, and are designed to help you see that innovation is about much more than new products and services.
  • Resource Lists are downloadable compilations of some of our favorite resources across a wide variety of innovation-related topics. Use them to get inspired or just to keep up with the ever-evolving world of innovation.
  • Case Studies are in-depth articles on some of today’s most prominent innovators. Inside each one, you’ll learn some of the secrets behind the innovation success of companies like IKEA, Apple, John Deere, and Commerce Bank.
  • Futurist Reports are future-focused, thought-provoking articles on some of today’s most important (and most perplexing) topics and trends. Use them to gain a better understanding of what’s happening in the modern marketplace and to figure out what your organization should be doing now to be positioned for innovation success in the next few years.

…and then we have the Tools:

  • Essentials Guides are the starting point on your journey to innovation enlightenment. These four comprehensive guides come with tactical workbooks that will help you build your innovation efforts around the four key innovation capabilities: Strategy, Ideas, Process, and Climate. Each comes with real-life examples, interactive exercises, diagnostic tools, metrics, and tips to help you get things moving in the right direction.
  • Advanced Guides are workbooks that are designed to help you overcome some of the most difficult barriers to innovation. These guides go a little deeper into specific topics than Essentials Guides, with insights into setting metrics, developing a rewards and recognition program, leading innovation, and more.
  • Program-Building Tools are interactive tools and exercises designed to help you, well… build your innovation program. They’re meant to help you and your team break free of “business-as-usual syndrome” and embrace innovation initiatives at a very tactical level. Each customizable PDF comes with detailed facilitation guidelines to help you make the most of your innovation sessions.
  • Skill-Building Tools, named for their ability to help you build innovation skills, are designed to help you and your team identify and develop the skills needed to make innovation successful in your organization. Like the Program-Building Tools, these customizable PDFs come with detailed facilitation guidelines that’ll help you run an effective innovation session with your team.
  • Idea-Generation Tools are meant to help you generate new and different ideas for your business. These exercises add a bit of structure to the sometimes-wild world of brainstorming, and they’re customizable to boot.
  • Cheat Sheets are lightweight, easy-to-swallow PDFs that address some of innovation’s most pressing issues by providing you with tips, tricks, and inspirations for getting innovation done.

Nice. Sounds like you have everything you need for the do-it-yourselfers out there. But what if I’m not yet equipped to build an innovation program on my own? What if I need a little more support?

That’s where our suite of Training offerings comes in, primarily through our training hub, the futurethink Innovation Institute. For those of you who want us to come in and ignite innovation for your organization, we offer a variety of training options that leverages our catalog of Research and Tools. We can come speak at your conference or meeting, run innovation sessions and workshops, diagnose your team’s current efforts, guide you on an invigorating Innovation Fieldtrip in New York City, or provide you with eLearning courses, workshops, and Webinars to help your team learn everything it needs to know about foresight and innovation.

All of our training offerings are led by futurethink experts and can be customized for groups as small as 4 people or as large as 1000. Again, our goal is to make innovation tangible and actionable for you and your team. We’ll work with you to make that happen in a way that makes sense for your particular organization.

Wow. That’s a lot of stuff. Where did it all come from?

Everything we offer is the product of years of experience in the world of foresight and innovation. We’ve worked with clients of all shapes and sizes in a wide variety of industries and crystallized what we’ve learned into our suite of Research, Tools, and Training.

Our team hails from the worlds of marketing, communications, futurism, finance, and strategic planning, and we bring our unique mix of perspectives to the table in everything we do. You see, thinking and planning and consulting are great, but in our opinion, it’s a lot more fun to help organizations actually get things done.

So, we created futurethink to do just that—help you stop talking about innovation and start getting it done.

If you have any other questions, comments, or tips for the blog, we’d love to hear from you. Send an email to innovate (at) getfuturethink (dot) com (we’ve gotta protect ourselves from those nasty spam-bots), or give us a call at +1.646.257.5737.


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