Learning & Development 2.0

Winning Strategies for Superior Programs

At futurethink, we are as dedicated to understanding the trends in corporate training as we are to being experts in innovation. This being the case, we often examine the upcoming trends and implications in the Learning & Development industry. If someone told you that in the future, a company’s #1 competitive advantage would be its ability to train and develop its human capital, how would you react?

Is your organization prepared for such a shift? How can you be sure your programs are focusing on the right skills, and delivering training in the best way? Are you getting the most out of the latest technologies? Have you tapped into the value of new strategies, such as game mechanics, to make training stick?

Our latest paper on Learning & Development (download for free HERE) answers these questions—and many more. Like so many fields, L&D is undergoing dynamic change. With a global, multi-generational workforce and new tools and technologies arising all the time, it’s essential to understand the forces driving these changes and to use them to create more effective programs. To garner insights, futurethink designed an in-depth survey and reached out to L&D leaders at some of the most innovative firms across industries.

Our findings have critical implications for organizations of all sizes. The most important is that which we referenced above: the majority of our respondents believe that learning will become the #1 competitive advantage for companies in the future. We also uncovered insights about the increased role that L&D departments are playing within organizations, how soft skills are gaining importance, what ideal learning environments look like, and much more.

In Learning & Development 2.0: Winning Strategies for Superior Programs, we examine these findings and propose recommendations for transforming training in any organization. You’ll also find best practices, words of wisdom from industry leaders, and a worksheet to jump-start your efforts. Take a moment to peruse the paper, and we’re sure you’ll see how you can start leveraging L&D as a valuable tool for your organization’s success.


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