Innovation3: Crowdsourcing, Culture & Tools Summit

Innovation Cubed Conference

Have you ever wondered how to better make use of emerging social media tools to discover new internal process or product innovations? As new communication tools gain popularity, we are seeing an increasing number of internal and market driven innovations brought to life. Specifically, an important aspect of social media that is driving this change is crowdsourcing, which acts as a rich repository of ideas coming from both inside of your company as well as your customers. If you are looking to better leverage crowdsourcing tools or want to hear from today’s leading companies on the subject, consider the newest addition to World Research Group’s Open Innovation Series: INNOVATION3: Crowdsourcing, Culture, and Tools Summit.

The conference, taking place this upcoming December 8th to 10th in Orlando, Florida, aims to highlight how companies are using social media tools to increase their market intelligence and design more efficient and effective ways to manage new ideas. Attendees will learn how to initiate process and product innovations from the widest range of human intelligence resources, and how to better screen crowdsourced ideas.

The conference will give you the opportunity to learn insights from innovation executives from a range of companies including; how Xerox leverages 50,000 employees into an ideation resource, how Equifax creates a customer culture of innovation, and how Sprint focuses on team building in a non-traditional work environment. Other attending companies include Cisco, PepsiCo, Clorox, AT&T, and many more.

Readers of futurethinktank can receive a special discount of $300 off the ticket price with the coupon code: DJB253


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