Two Days. Ten Ideas. Unlimited Insights.

Set against the stunning backdrop of the Cascade Mountains, this year’s 10 Conference promises to bring together an extraordinary group of people to explore some of the most important ideas shaping the future of business and society.  Participants include scientists, educators, artists, economists, designers, and social entrepreneurs who will explore ten “catalytic” ideas, including wayfinding, resilience, sense-ploitation, and heroism, among others.

Taking place on October 27-29 in Leavenworth Washington, the conference promises to forego traditional keynotes and promote meaningful conversations instead. 10 is built around ten interconnected ideas, each explored through short, dynamic presentations from speakers with multiple perspectives and experiences. Speakers include a behavioral economist making new discoveries about the neuroscience of decision-making, a designer who creates social robots to work with autistic children, one of the world’s leading psychologists who has spent his career studying the cause of evil, now on a quest to understand the causes of heroism, and many others.

In addition to stimulating talks, the two-day program is packed with award-winning food and wine, as well as extraordinary performances from musicians and artists. For more information on the conference please visit


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