Open & Collaborative Innovation in Life Science R&D

Open & Collaborative Innovation in Life Science R&DDiscover how “open-innovation” can improve R&D productivity at NextLevel Pharma’s Open & Collaborative Innovation in Life Science R&D conference. This event, which will be held in Munich, Germany from May 25th-26th, will allow attendees to gain an understanding of how open-innovation has worked in practice for other like minded organizations. The global life sciences industry faces many challenges in trying to harness the power of open-innovation. While the idea of pooling risk, costs and resources, and increasing R&D productivity at the same time is extremely attractive, there are many difficulties applying this practice to an industry that holds intellectual property protections in such high esteem. The life sciences industry has been slow to embrace stimulating innovation through open-source channels. The hesitation and skepticism is further fueled by questions of how to share risks and potential returns and how to measure success with the mostly unproven open business models.

Find out what the do’s and don’ts are in opening-up R&D to outsiders and how to reduce risk. The event will include case studies of successful implementation from pharmaceutical companies, academic-led consortia, non-profits, and public-private partnerships. Meet others who work in the life science industry, including VPs, Directors of Discovery, R&D, Innovation, Chief Scientific Officers, Therapy Area Heads, Pre-clinical Research, Licensing, Business Development, Alliances and Collaborations, Knowledge Management, R&D Outsourcing as well as those in academia, government and non-profit research institutes.


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