8th Annual Front End of Innovation Conference

Companies of all sizes and from all industries can innovatively define a path for their organization’s future by broadening perspectives and pushing employees to generate forward thinking ideas. Many tactics and techniques can be used to inject forward thinking behavior, such as including inviting thought leaders to speak on a regular basis, establishing article exchanges, and sending teams to gather new information and insights from conferences.

Next week, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovation experts will gather together at the 8th annual Front End of Innovation Conference in Boston. This conference, which has become the number one industry event for provoking change, exchanging best practices, and defining next practices, is a destination for all things innovation. Sessions throughout the three days will cover a range of innovation topics, including user-inspired innovation, service innovation, eco-innovation, collaborative innovation, technology led innovation, inspiring innovation, scenario planning and measurement & metrics.

This year’s theme, A New Front End: The Era of Collaboration is embodied in both conference content and experience. Not only will participants learn from the sessions, but also from the way the sessions themselves are structured to active innovation discussion and learning. Continuing last year’s use of an nontraditional conference format (rotating topical themes through experiential formats), FEI 2010 is geared up to be even more of a collaborative event. Participants are encouraged to stretch beyond their comfort zone by participating in uniquely engaging sessions, which include 10 minute stories, fishbowls discussions, champion sessions focused on how-to’s, and interactive facilitated conversations.

futurethink is a proud partner of the 8th Annual Front End of Innovation Conference and we look forward to reporting back on it next week. In the meantime, share with us how your team fuels its front end of innovation.


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