Green Innovations

In honor of Earth Day, the futurethink team took some time to evaluate our own carbon footprints.  Using Global Footprint Network’s eco footprint calculator, we each answered a smattering of lifestyle-related questions and a few minutes later, ended up with an estimate of how many planet earths it would take to support our lifestyles (humbling enough, if everyone lived like me, it would take 5.7 earths to provide enough resources!). We found that simple actions such as eating less red meat can help us reduce our carbon footprint.  Beyond this, there are innovative companies that have created products to help us further reduce our footprint.  The following are some clever eco- innovations that we’ve spotted lately:

1. One easy way to reduce your carbon footprint is to switch from disposable household products to reusable ones. Monte-Bianco, a Canadian company, has developed an innovative product that is not only eco-friendly, but also makes economic sense.  The Monte-Bianco clip offers you the familiarity of a standard toothbrush handle, with the additional flexibility of disposable brush heads that snap in and out. There are even two options for bristles – vegan friendly nylon and natural boar’s hair.  The brush heads, retailing at $5.50 for a set of three, are an inexpensive alternative to replacing your toothbrush every time.

2. Another simple way to reduce your carbon footprint is to use Copco’s travel mugs for your daily cup of Joe. Stylistically similar to the classic coffee shop to go cup, the Copco To Go Cup enables you to reduce your use of disposable paper products while not giving up on the look. You also receive a $.10 discount a Starbucks every time you use your reusable cup! At $8 a cup, a frequent Starbucks drinker can make up their Copco cup purchase in savings in a few months.

3. At work, you can cut down on the many bits of metal sent to landfills by using Made By Human’s new staple-less staple. Using tiny bits of paper to stitch pages together, the Eco Staple Free Stapler can “staple” up to four pieces of paper.  It’s a fun way to impress your colleagues and make stapling a little less mundane.

We would love to know more about innovative eco-products you have found and why you think they are innovative. Please share your comments below.

As an additional resource, futurethink has compiled an All Things Green resource list, which provides direction on the best places to learn about sustainability (free for all futurethink members).


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