4th Annual Open Innovation Conference

futurethink is proud to partner with Marcus Evans’ Open Innovation conference in Philadelphia.

Practical, real world examples of how leading North America companies are balancing the outside-in and inside-out of open innovation will drive the discussion at this year’s 4th Annual Open Innovation Conference, April 7-9, 2010, in Philadelphia. More than 20 Open Innovation program leads from companies including; Proctor & Gamble, General Mills, Northrop Grumman, Merck & Co, Motorola, Genentech, Humana, Nestle as well as perspectives from USAF, NASA and the NIH will deliver a fresh look at how the Open Innovation model is evolving in practice.

Continuing the tradition of bringing together executives charged with navigating all stages of the open innovative process from both the science and business sectors of the innovation enterprise, we ensure that participants walk away with practical ideas to meet their marketplace’s demand to move from a closed innovation model to a collaborative innovation network that addresses the high-value wants/needs of consumers while addressing their own strategic goals.

Don’t miss this opportunity to participate in 2 days of highly interactive, end-user focused discussion with more than 60 of your industry peers. You will also gain entrance to the Partner of Choice Symposium; this 3 hours breakout session frees delegates from the all-to common sandbagging and “naysayers” allowing for an open idea exchange between an unparalleled group of collaborative innovators.

futurethinktank readers will receive a 10% discount on registration by contacting David Drey at ddrey@marcusevansch.com.


3 Responses to 4th Annual Open Innovation Conference

  1. Bill Capodagli’s new book, Innovate the Pixar Way, is the exciting new account of Pixar’s unique culture. For over thirty years, Bill has benchmarked the Walt Disney Company and helped scores of organizations revamp their customer service standards, develop innovative products, and increase productivity using Walt’s original credo for success. Bill takes his audiences behind the scenes to witness how Pixar creates stories that live – in the words of Buzz Lightyear – “for infinity and beyond.” It’s all about creating a culture where imagination is cherished and rewarded. Bill shares how Pixar can inspire any business to ‘toon in to what makes its employees great.

  2. Andrew Der says:

    Thanks, Marie. That book is actually one of the innovation books we’re considering reviewing. Looking forward to reading it.

  3. thanks dude
    its a creative conference

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