Some Useful iPhone Apps

A fellow futurethinker finally got an iPhone this past holiday weekend, bring the firm average back up to a respectable 75% adoption level.  Given the latest post, Do We Really Need an App for That?, I thought I’d try to list out some apps I actually do need and use fairly often, as a starting point for the new iPhone in the office.  This is in no way meant to be an exhaustive list, but merely a list of some apps I currently use that could be useful for others.  Here goes:

  • Remote: Great for controlling your iTunes without having to be at the computer — you just need to be connected to the same wireless network.
  • Air Mouse: even better for controlling your entire computer without having to be there.  Your iPhone is turned into a either a mouse or a trackpad.
  • WorkSnug: For the mobile worker, the never-ending search for your ‘third place’, complete with WiFi and coffee, is over with this app that uses augmented reality.  So far it only works in London, but they’re going to launch it in NYC and San Francisco soon, I hope.
  • Shazam / Midomi: Find out the title and artist of the song you’re listening to.  This would be particularly useful if I listened to the radio, since they never seem to tell you what you’re listening to when they’re playing songs.  Similarly, it’s just as applicable in a bar or lounge.  I use both apps because sometimes one works better than the other.
  • Facebook / MySpace (to a lesser degree) / Twitteriffic / AIM / LinkedIn: Gotta stay connected to the grid!
  • Loopt: Sometimes it’s good to know where your friends are.  Sometimes not.  Either way, this app helps you locate them.
  • WhatsApp: Send text messages to friends over the internet, without having to pay for text messages.  I mostly use this app for texting friends in Paris and Beijing — much more cost-effective.
  • Skype: Make cheaper international calls through your wifi connection instead of using mobile phone minutes.
  • Yelp: Fairly useful app for finding things.  I just like the ‘Monocle’ / augmented reality feature.
  • Lose It!: For the health conscious or persnickety, track how many calories you ingest and calories are exerted by exercise.  It’s cheaper than calling Jenny.
  • WhiteNoise: Block out unwanted sounds.
  • Trapster: If I drove and didn’t live in New York, this would be a very useful app.  It tells you where speed traps are.
  • OpenTable: Make restaurant reservations straight from your phone (without having to interact with a person, if that’s your preference).
  • Starbucks Mobile Card: Check your balance and refill your Starbucks card so you never have to go without coffee!  If you live in San Francisco, you might actually be able to pay using the app.
  • Fake Call: What’s that?  Billy fell down a well?  Fake yourself out of a jam with this app.  Set it and it will call you in just enough time for you to seem surprised, then launch into a staged panic while making your escape.
  • TripCase: Keep track of your flights, delays, departure gates, etc.
  • iBall Magic 8 Ball: When you’re on the fence and need a second opinion, Magic 8 Ball always has an answer for you.
  • DropBox: Link up multiple computers and your iPhone to a shared folder where you can access documents from anywhere.
  • Bump: Trade contact information Obama-style by fist-bumping it to your new friend.

I’m sure I’ve missed a bunch of great apps. Most of the ones I use are free.  What apps are you using I should add to my phone?


3 Responses to Some Useful iPhone Apps

  1. Matylda says:

    UrbanDaddy is fantastic. I’ve found it to be a very useful venue-finding tool. It asks what day/time you’re looking for and narrows down it’s picks by asking “what do you want?” (Drinks? Lunch? Coffee?) and “who are you with?” (Clients? Parents? Ex?). It’s pointed me to great places I’d never heard of that did indeed fit the occasion.

  2. Andrew Der says:

    Thanks! I didn’t even know UD had an app. I’m going to have to DL it.

    I forgot to mention UrbanSpoon which, in theory, should be a good app, although I rarely use it.

  3. Cheers for this illuminating article. I am forever seeking info on particular subjects and it’s never far away on the net. I’ll be returning soon.

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