The Future of Learning and Development

futurethink future of learning and development

How are the world’s leading organizations developing their people and honing employees’ skills? What is the role of the Learning & Development function today and how will that change in the future? We set out to answer these questions in our latest survey on the future of learning and development. (Download the report HERE) Over the years, we have encountered more and more L&D professionals looking to help build innovation into their training programs. In doing this, we learned that the world of corporate education is in the midst of a transition fueled by new technologies, greater time and resource constraints, and a heightened need to provide employees with emerging skills and competencies. In short, innovation in the marketplace hasn’t necessarily translated to innovation in the world of learning and development.

Many organizations we have encountered over the years have been held back by training programs that simply didn’t evolve and adapt with the rest of the organization. While Learning & Development professionals face a wide range of issues, some of the most prominent challenges are around the practice of training itself. The big “AHA!” many are realizing is this: the reason training offerings aren’t more successful isn’t because of the people that attend them (or don’t attend them) — it’s because of the courses themselves. If L&D teams want better attendance and better ROI for their training offerings, survey respondents voiced that course offerings and presentation need to change dramatically.

These learnings are especially powerful at a time when we are seeing so many organizations struggle to embrace innovation amidst the challenges posed by a smaller workforce, constrained resources, and the need to quickly adapt to a changed global business environment.

The Future of Learning and Development study was conducted while our own team was busy building The futurethink Innovation Institute. Over the past few years, we’ve seen organizations we work with change their perspectives on how, where, and when people could build innovation skills and capabilities. In response, we’ve adapted our own training programs, research products, and tools to fit a self-guided, eLearning format, giving organizations and individuals the flexibility to receive training on key topics in foresight and innovation without the difficulties involved in administering in-classroom sessions.

And so, we are proud to announce the launch of, the new home of the futurethink Innovation Institute. We hope you’ll take a minute to click around and browse some of the eLearning offerings available through this new site. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

How do you build skills around innovation in your organization?


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