Your Energy Bill in 2020: $0

futurethink ge smart grid

Moans and groans over the cost of energy have been heard in just about every household, but with the smart grid those moans are likely to turn to sighs of relief.

Companies like General Electric have diligently been pursuing smart grid development, which promises to create a network including energy generation, transmission, and distribution that provides more efficient and reliable output than the existing power grid using advanced computer, digital, and communications technologies. The smart grid will also cater to alternate energy sources including sun, bio gas, and wind power.

GE’s innovative smart grid efforts are likely to change the way people live by changing the way they use energy. They launched a smart grid project that would allow residents to produce energy, using alternate energy sources, and share it with others. Residents in one part of the country can produce energy using solar panels or turbines and share it with regions that need it the most—regions that don’t have access to similar resources. With the existing power grid, you can only use alternate energy if you physically live near the source.

GE took energy efficient innovation one step further with their smart meter technology and smart appliances. Imagine coming home from work to a dishwasher full of dishes that you left dirty, but which are now clean. Or a dryer that was filled with wet clothes that are now dry. In conjunction with the smart grid, the smart meter tells users the best times to use energy—avoiding peak hours—to reduce cost and consumption. Smart appliances go on power-save mode during peak hours and then automatically turn on during low cost/consumption times. As GE and other energy companies continue to develop energy saving innovations that utilize energy in more efficient (off peak) ways we are likely to see a reduction in energy costs.

This is innovation that will change the way we live. Very smart.

To learn more, visit GE.


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    Moans and groans over the cost of energy have been heard in just about every household but with the […]…

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