‘Kindle Killer’ or Innovative Savior?

futurethink plastic logic ebook

Plastic Logic’s electronic reader may be the ‘Kindle Killer,’ but for many, this little innovation will be quite the savior.

The new eReader will provide users with access to Barnes & Noble’s abundant eBook store—this means more than 700,000 titles at their fingertips, while Amazon’s Kindle provides only 300,000 titles.  But the thing that positions this new eReader toe-to-toe with the Kindle—and has eBookers stirring—is that it will provide wireless access through AT&T’s wide 3G network; giving users unlimited access to new books in many more locations, ultimately providing added mobility.

Plastic Logic wants to target business users with itsnew reader—not just the everyday eBook user. In doing so, it will offer more than newspaper, magazine, and book content. PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel and other business related documents will also be supported by the eReader. And its sleek 0.25 inch thick and 8W x 11L inch notepad size design with touch screen interface was designed for reading business documents, periodicals etc. with a battery that lasts for days.

Unlike Amazon, who uses in-house hardware only and Sprint’s CDMA access method, Plastic Logic’s eReader provides global communication and is not limiting its partnerships—its deal with Barnes & Nobles is not exclusive. Plastic Logic is prepared to revolutionize the eBook.   This is innovation that is cutthroat and cutting-edge.


4 Responses to ‘Kindle Killer’ or Innovative Savior?

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  2. Hani says:

    nice! i’ve made my own blog

  3. Hi, just found this here after a fast yahoo search. Neat website you got here! Keep it up!

  4. Brad Plazza says:

    I’ve found your site on yahoo by mistake but I’m glad i did .

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