Future 2049: YOU = REVENUE

In the future, you can sell everything you do. Your actions are literally, revenue streams. Sell the energy you generate on the tread mill at the gym – and earn a discount on your monthly membership. Save your search results on an obscure topic, add notes to it, and boom – sell it to a University who aggregates your search with searches from hundreds of others that more quickly enables academics to see a new perspective on a topic (and you do the work for them).  Buying something at Target? Wear a tracking device when you enter the store that lets you sell your retail and ‘in-store wandering’ behavior to Target’s Retail Strategy Team so they can better set up their stores (get $5 or $5 off your purchases at checkout – your choice). A Toyota-sponsored tracking device in your (Toyota) car gets you $.10/mile for providing all the driving information they get from you, telling them specifically how THEIR drivers use THEIR cars.


One Response to Future 2049: YOU = REVENUE

  1. Ferinannnd says:

    Хорошая работа!

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