Future 2049: Microwave World

When WIRED UK asked me to predict what the world would be like in 40 years, I came up with a short list of predictions, some of which were included in Charlie Burton’s “What’s Next?” article. I’ve decided to share the rest of my predictions here over the next two months. I’ll be posting one prediction per week. This week’s prediction focuses on the need for speed:

Microwave World.

As our “everything-to-go” culture only gets more intense, insta-technologies become feature #1 in lives and our products especially in our homes. Microwaves in the bathrooms that warm towels and quickly dry shirts or hand-wash items you need in a pinch; hair dryers that take 2 minutes to do their job; regular and convection oven cooking is now only used by either the ‘foodiest’ of foodies in their kitchen and even they have 2-3 microwave appliances in their kitchen ovens now cook/roast food, but 10 times as fast. We have microwaves in our garages and mud rooms to dry coats and shoes, and so on.


3 Responses to Future 2049: Microwave World

  1. sacbag says:

    Microwaves (as in device) existed for over 50 years now. If we were to have a microwave world, we would have had it by now. The point beeing most of the prediction does not jive wth the technology itself. Open microware radiation on your hair? cooking food faster, by more poweful radiation? Idea of “saving time” and “everything to go” makes sense and could be realised ,but probably not by microwaves…

  2. Rema Urich says:

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  3. Perry Semple says:

    Very good article, thank you!

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