How to Do More with less in 2009

Happy New Year! After a tumultuous close to 2008, it feels good to put the year behind us and move forward with a clean slate.

2009 will be a difficult but exciting time. You’ll probably have to work with fewer resources in the months ahead-a smaller budget, fewer people, less time-but how can you make sure you continue moving forward with innovation?

Innovation can help you do more with less; it will allow you to uncover opportunities for cost savings; it will force you to focus on your customers’ needs; and it will help you survive this rough patch so that you can come out on top when things get better.

To help you start 2009 out on the right foot, we’ve put together some Innovation Resolutions (click here to download). We hope you use this list as a way to reignite your innovation efforts in the weeks and months ahead. Here’s to successful innovation in 2009.

What are your innovation resolutions for 2009?


2 Responses to How to Do More with less in 2009

  1. Mario says:

    The link is not working.

  2. Hi Mario–apologies. The links are all live now.

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