Ideas for Cash

In celebration of its 10th birthday, Google recently announced a ‘call for ideas to change the world’, called Project 10 to the 100th.

Up to five winning projects will split $10 million in funding, although apparently it’s possible that there’ll be only one winning project if that’s the only good idea.  Google employees and an advisory board of judges will select the top 100 projects and winners, respectively.  This type of project isn’t a new concept at all.  Actually, another “idea submission” project is in process right now.

American Express continued it’s Members Project for a second year.  The premise of the Members Project is that card members can submit their ideas for projects that will create a positive change in the world.  Other card members vote, and the winning projects, as determined by a panel of judges, split $2.5 million.

Both the Google and American Express projects are interesting from a ‘marketing initiatives’ perspective, but they’re equally as interesting from an innovation perspective for a few reasons:

  1. They’re a great way for Google and American Express to get fresh new ideas from the general public.
  2. For everyone else, skimming through the submitted projects gives you a sense of the popular causes, concerns, and needs of your consumers.  Obviously, these could serve as inputs when developing new products and services to address those needs.
  3. At a brand activation level, it can help you identify relevant non-profit organizations to align your brand or company with as part of a cause marketing or co-branding initiative.
  4. Reviewing the projects can spark ideas for new business opportunities.  The needs have already been articulated, with votes validating its relevance to consumers, but what’s lacking is the funding to move the project forward.  If your company has the means to execute immediately, you choose to launch a similar initiative.
Take a look through the projects (Google’s are expected to be posted on Jan 27, 2009) and see what people are talking about.  What trends can you identify?  And how can you apply these insights to your business?

4 Responses to Ideas for Cash

  1. I have an Idea that Im trying to present to Direct Tv,Googles or Comcast but Im having a hard time contacting anyone.I have already sketch it out and it is ready to is based on a product that every home in a America alredy has.It pretty simpol and it will make any of these companies so much money because I know everyone and I mean 1 to 10 at least 9 will have this feature in there computer or Tv I promise you.please help me to make history,I do not have the finance to get it patent or anything so I mine as well have someone with my help to make it number is 408 410 2236 Thank you..

  2. need help in my idea and it will make history…

  3. Janie Gallacher says:

    A software system based on a individual,family,etc.. Possiblle name MY MODE

  4. Jamie Gallacher says:

    my name is Jamie Gallacher and not Janie gallacher

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