Social Search?

TechCrunch wrote a post the other day on “The Future of Search,” which includes a video walk-through of some of the search features with which Google is apparently experimenting. The highlight of this “experiment” is a layer of social functionality (much like Digg) that Google may add to its standard page of search results.

Basically, this world of search allows users to vote search results up and down, move things to the first page, and comment on individual results. What this means is that Google may be turning to “the wisdom of crowds” to enhance it’s world-famous (but ever-mysterious) algorithm. What’s more, it appears that users will be able to create rich Google profiles (Facebook, anyone?), which will be visible to other Google users through comments made on specific search results. Could this all be part of Google’s master plan to take over the internet? We already know they’re getting into virtual worlds. Keep an eye out for new experimental features in Google’s ever-active Labs.

To see a very, very cool demo of this functionality, be sure to visit TechCrunch.


2 Responses to Social Search?

  1. Chris says:

    Me.dium recently released a social search engine that is for the crowds and by the crowds. It uses past searches and click streams to produce search results based on what people are really searchin and browsing. It has a dynamic aspect to it that most static search engines can only dream of. The search engine becomes a living organism that people can influence. A person can become an influencer by downloading one of Me.dium’s social toolbars or sidebar.

    Me.dium’s Social Search, which leverages the Yahoo! Search BOSS platform, provides an entirely new level of information on top of traditional search. Me.dium’s Social Search harnesses the activity of the crowds to let you find information that has relevance based on what people are actually surfing right now.

    Me.dium’s technology lets the inherent activity of real people – not robotic crawlers – determine relevance. Me.dium’s Social Search results show what people are surfing and find interesting, right now. While other search engines base relevance on how content links across pages, Me.dium’s Social Search shows you the most popular news, reviews, pictures and videos that other people are actually looking at in relation to your search term. And as the activity of the people online changes, so do the search results.

  2. Chris says:

    Just to clarify my language, the results are based off of where people are actually surfing on the Internet at that time. By doing that the results are dynamic almost like a living organism. Sorry about how vague I was in my previous post.

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