Did You HWear The News?

futurethink CNN Headline T-Shirt

CNN recently launched an interesting new feature on its website. Visitors will notice a little t-shirt icon next to some of the news site’s headlines. Clicking that icon brings you to a page that allows you to purchase a t-shirt, in one of three colors, with that specific headline printed on it.

futurethink CNN Headline Tee 2

T-shirts have sort of exploded over the past few years – especially with the ever-increasing popularity of online shopping. We’ve seen tremendous growth in online t-shirt vendors such as Busted Tees, Ten Bills, and Threadless. These vendors are great at churning out designs that capture even the most obscure of pop-culture moments and Internet-fueled geekery. CNN’s entry into the space means that people can proudly wear the headlines that matter to them – capture moments in time and immortalize them on a t-shirt. Surely, those who support a particular Presidential candidate for example, would love the chance to own a t-shirt emblazoned with the headline proclaiming victory for their candidate of choice. The same goes for sports fans.

Currently, the site seems to be in “beta” – indicating CNN’s lack of commitment to the project at this point. Learn more at CNN.com.

[via Josh Spear]


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