The Mixtape Lives On

futurethink muxtape

The “Mixtape” – a painstakingly dubbed compilation of sentimental songs – was once the tried and true method of letting someone know that you really cared. But sadly, the mixtape seems to have died off along with the cassette tape itself. Sure – people burned compilation CDs that served the same purpose, but it somehow just wasn’t the same.

Now, for the digital age, we have Muxtape. It’s an online service that allows users to create and share MP3 mixtapes. The incredibly minimal, simple service is elegant and easy to use. Simply log on, create an account (with only three fields to fill in), upload a couple of songs, and you’re good to go. Users can upload up to 12 songs at 10MB each. They can then arrange the songs however they want, and send a customized link out to friends, family, and loved ones, who can then listen to the streaming audio without having to create an account or download anything. Dead simple. Long live the mixtape Muxtape.


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