National Geographic: Now in Size 42R

futurethink national geographic travel jacket

National Geographic, the popular travel/environment/adventure publication and media network, is diving headfirst into the world of fashion with its new Global Travel Jacket. The jacket, which features a number of travel-friendly pockets, is actually just one of a number of apparel pieces the company offers. Other pieces in the collection include travel-centric vests and jackets, as well as a number of quasi-exotic cultural pieces from around the world.

Sure – you might argue that this is just a cleverly branded jacket. No big deal. But it represents National Geographic’s push to own the world of travel and adventure. The company’s online store features a wide array of items from around the world. Fans of the magazine can pick up an eclectic mix of apparel and accessories without having to leave the comfort and safety of their desks. For adventurous types – gear such as the Travel Jacket are an appropriate travel accessory to pack for, say, a leisurely trip through South America. For those who’d rather explore a little more passively, the online store’s selection of photographs, books, and reference publications will surely do the trick. And for aspiring adventurers, the store even features a full selection of specialty cameras and equipment.

How can you redefine what you stand for?


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