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futurethink joost march madness

In other online video news: Joost, another network-supported video site, will begin testing live broadcasts on March 20th. Live streaming video in and of itself isn’t anything new – but Joost will be broadcasting NCAA March Madness basketball games live, with potentially millions of viewers tuning in to watch simultaneously. Most live internet broadcasts have had a few thousand participants watching, so companies have been able to stream media directly over the web from a single dedicated server. With millions of concurrent viewers (who are also able to chat with one another in real time), the delivery becomes much more complicated. Joost devised a way to use P2P (peer-to-peer) technology to make the broadcast possible.

Technological wizardry aside, this test is sure to make a huge splash in the online video world. Live broadcasts are critical for events such as political speeches and sporting events, both of which attract millions of viewers. As Joost tests and refines its live broadcasting technology to support millions of concurrent viewers, the delay (currently between 10 and 45 seconds) will diminish to almost nothing. There’s tremendous potential here for advertisers to reach and connect with viewers in ways that television simply doesn’t allow, and what better way than during a live broadcast? Stay tuned for updates on how the technology works. Learn more at Joost.


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