Apple. Coming to a Gym Near You.


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Two years after their first foray into the Nike+ Apple partnership (which resulted in the Nike+ iPod Sports Kit), the two companies have announced a new venture. The unlikely couple has been working with major fitness equipment manufacturers (Life Fitness, TechnoGym, Precor) to integrate the Nike+ iPod technology into cardiovascular equipment such as treadmills and stationary bikes.

The current Nike+ iPod kit tracks runners’ stats using a special shoe-based pedometer/receiver and an iPod dongle. The new technology would allow users to plug their iPod directly into a cardio machine to capture workout stats and information. That information can then be uploaded to the Nike+ website so users can track their progress and performance.

This may seem like over-complicating a simple workout – but the system is really quite smart. It’s a great way for Apple to better target the fitness community, it helps Nike’s very useful Nike+ website go beyond its current user-base of runners, and it will help gyms stay on the cutting edge of fitness technology. Users, meanwhile, will enjoy automated tracking of their progress (at least on cardio equipment). It just goes to show you – unconventional, unexpected partnerships are sometimes the best ones. Learn more at AppleInsider.


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