futurethink baby play

Parents with small children know this routine well: buy toy, baby plays with toy, baby gets bored with toy, toy sits in a closet collecting dust, toy gets chucked after a few months and ends up in a land fill. It’s estimated that the average American parent spends $750 per year on toys for their children. Baby Plays is a recently launched venture that works like Netflix for toys. Parents simply log on, create a wishlist, and are entitled to 4, 6, or 10 toys each month. Parents can keep any toy for as long as they wish without paying any late fees. Baby Plays even includes prepaid UPS shipping labels to make the shipping process that much smoother. If a child likes a toy so much that a parent wishes to purchase it, they can do so at a 20% discount from the toy’s original purchase price.

Baby Plays sanitizes all toys with Clorox cleaning products once they’ve been returned, and shrink-wraps them for their next shipment. Plans start at $34.99 per month. Baby Plays is an example of a company applying the mail-rental business model to a brand new realm. Interestingly, the rental model also has a hint of green to it – if parents are renting toys, they’re basically sharing them with a larger community, which means fewer toys have to be purchased and (in theory) fewer toys have to be produced in the first place. Also, fewer toys end up in landfills if they’re returned to the service and reused. Very nice. To learn more, visit Baby Plays.


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