The World’s Hottest Clubs Hit the Web

futurethink awdio.comFrequent club-goers know that the world’s greatest hotspots are great not because of décor, drink menus, or exclusivity; but because of the music that pumps through the speakers. Now, anyone with an internet connection can enjoy the work of some of the world’s best DJs live through The site streams live music from participating clubs, restaurants, hotels, and lounges from Paris and New York to Sydney and Tokyo.

The AwdioBlaster Player is integrated into the site with tools to filter programs by style, artist, and agenda. The technological secret behind Awdio is its AwdioBox – 19″ racks that are installed in each venue allowing them to broadcast 2 streams simultaneously up to 192Kbs in real time. The first stream is 100% musical and extracts the sound from the mixing desk. The second stream mixes the ambiance with the music. These boxes are completely autonomous and allow a constant connection between the Awdio servers and all the sources on the network over 5 continents.

Just another example of how the internet and a little ingenuity are completely erasing borders and geographic boundaries. Learn more at Awdio.


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