Polaroids for the Mobile Age


Polaroid recently announced a new mobile printer designed to work with digital cameras and mobile phones, effectively bringing the instant satisfaction of Polaroid prints to this newfangled digital age. The Polaroid Digital Instant Mobile Photo Printer connects to digital cameras and mobile phones via USB 2.0 or Bluetooth, and produces borderless, sticky-back 2X3 prints in about 60 seconds. Pretty neat.

Yeah, there are a slew of photo printers out there today, but this one is distinctly mobile, and definitively instant. Sort of like those big Polaroid cameras of yore. Now, if they figure out a way to bring those charming white-bordered, thick-bottomed, square prints (you know, the ones you had to shake) to the digital-masses, we’ll be really excited. But this will certainly do for now. Learn more at Polaroid.

In other news: Polaroid announced that it would be effectively closing down its Instant Photo operations this year. Once the company has manufactured enough instant film to last through 2009, it will shutter the doors of its 2 major manufacturing facilities in Massachusetts. Apparently the company has already halted production of instant film cameras as well (get ’em on eBay while they last).  Polaroid hopes to license its instant-film technology to another firm in order to fill demad from the Polaroid purists of the world. For everyone else, the company hopes its new digital alternatives will fill instant-photography needs.


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