Does Innovation Make You Smile or Frown?

Smiley FaceThe Institute for Innovation & Information Productivity (IIIP) has released the results of its latest study called the “IIIP Innovation Confidence 2007” Index. It looks at what consumers from around the world think about the ability of innovative products and services to improve their lives. The more open and welcoming you are to advanced technology, the “more confident” you are about innovation. The Institute measured the innovation confidence in 12 different countries.

The findings are surprising. Apparently, people who live in growing economies like Asia are much more confident about innovation than their counterparts in the developed world. The top 5 “most confident about innovation” countries are: The United Arab Emirates, India, Brazil, Ireland, and China. The US and UK find themselves in the middle of the group. Countries like Finland and the Netherlands are right at the bottom of the list.

The study suggests that the developing world not only provides an environment that better promotes entrepreneurship, but also that emerging economies have a ready sea of consumers that is willing to experiment with new innovations. Here’s a link to the IIIP website.

Ah. But wait a minute. There have also been a slew of studies measuring happiness around the world. There are many such “happiness indices” – they look at how people in different parts of the planet are satisfied with their lives. One of the more popular ones is called the “World Database of Happiness”. It lists the happiest countries from 1995 to 2005.

Guess what? It’s almost like someone reversed the Innovation Index.

Countries like Finland and Denmark rank as among the happiest nations on the planet. India hugs the middle. And the creators of the index did not include a country like the United Arab Emirates in their study.

So, what are we supposed to take away from this? Is innovation supposed to make you sad?


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