Innovator Trading Cards

When it comes to trading cards, why should professional athletes and Yo-Gi-Oh fans have all the fun? Shouldn’t the world’s most innovative companies have their own set of cards? We say YES, so we took matters into our own hands. (Literally.) Say hello to our very own decks of Innovator Trading Cards


(For a peek inside the shrink wrap, and to see a few other things on the futurethink horizon, click here.)

With Lisa and Chetan choosing our 20 featured companies, Josh handling the research and copy, and Cory providing the killer design, I knew we’d have an inspiring hit on our hands. (My job was easy – I just smiled and gave two thumbs up.) Cory and I just got back from dropping off a bunch of decks at Fedcap, a terrific organization here in New York that helps with fulfillment. (Fedcap employs people with disabilities and helps them achieve independence through participation in the workaday world.)

Yes, Apple has a card. Yes, Google has a card. Let us know who YOU think should have a card. (Chances are we’ve already got ‘em.)


2 Responses to Innovator Trading Cards

  1. Sean says:

    I got this idea and started googling to see if anyone has started it…. this looks like an old post, but I’d love to find out more about your trading cards.

    Of course it doesn’t have to be just companies. Products like the OLPC and iPod should have a card. Inventors, writers, and CEO’s should have a card. Inventors in history like Edison, Ford, and
    Guttenberg should have cards. There should be different collections and series, like non-profits, technology, education, marketplace etc. Like a series with each TED speaker with their pic on the front and ideas and companies on the back.

    In todays digital world, this just isn’t necessary for spreading ideas… but dang, it would be fun!

  2. Andrew Der says:

    Thanks for your thoughts. It’s definitely good input if we produce another round of innovation trading cards!

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