Is Apple Over-Innovating?

So many organizations today seem to be so inept at innovating.

And then there’s Apple.

Steve Jobs’ keynotes at MacWorld are always preceded with a sense of mystery (“What are they going to come out with now?”). But Jobs, to his credit, manages to meet or go beyond most expectations. That’s an admirable feat, when you take into consideration that the cult of Mac has *extremely* high expectations (I know a few devout Apple fans. I’m sure you do too, and you know what I mean.)

Which brings me to the point of this post.

Am I the only person who’s just a little cheesed off that my video iPod (that I bought late last year) in a matter of weeks got replaced by the iPod Touch and then got condescendingly titled the “iPod Classic”? Are you one of those poor souls who, giddy with excitement, bought an iPod Nano (the rectangle, not the credit card), only to see the new version that’s smaller, lighter and also plays video?

Don’t get me wrong – advances in technology are fast and furious, and the old quickly replaces the new. But, there’s something about Apple’s cockiness, uber-confidence, and audacity that makes me wonder: Does Apple go too far? Are they creating a segment of disgruntled customers? Are they over-innovating?

Meanwhile, I’m already beginning to think about my next post – it’s my prediction for the new medical condition of this century. Akin to Tennis Elbow…I’m talking about iPod-Thumb. Ouch.


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