Fashion 2.0

The men’s shows wrapped up this past week in Florence at Pitti Uomo, and the press, buyers, and other fashion influencers are packing up and heading to Paris for the next round of shows. This season, Yves Saint Laurent will give the industry its Fall/Winter 2008 collection a little differently than in years past. Stefano Pilati, YSL’s creative director, will showcase his collection using no models and no runway. Rather, the designer has opted to showcase his wares using a seven-minute video clip with British actor Simon Woods as the official “hanger” for the latest YSL duds. According to a YSL spokesperson: “Stefano Pilati’s idea was to make the experience of seeing a collection more intimate, to reduce the distance between viewer and product. He wanted to change things up this season.”

Update 01.22.2008: View the video above – or visit the YSL website.

Stefano Pilati The “film” will debut in Paris at a dinner this Wednesday night for fashion insiders, alongside showrooms of the actual clothing. It will be released online the following day. Is this just an attempt at getting some buzz? Perhaps, but its also a very smart way of reaching a broader audience – one who may not be tuned into fashion or know who Stefano Pilati is. Those who are interested will be able to experience the collection in the very same way that “insiders” and fashion-industry VIPs will experience, which sort of levels the playing field and shows that Mr. Pilati understands the importance and ultimate influence of his customers. In reality, it is the customer, and not the editors of GQ or the buyers at Saks, that will determine the success of this collection. It’s refreshing to see him make such a bold statement in an industry that’s so often associated with elitism and pretense.

We’ll update you with the video when it’s released. Until then: learn more at Fashion Week Daily Dispatch.

Update: View the entire collection HERE.


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