Gates Says, “I Own No Macs”

Bill Gates just got done with an interview with the BBC. In an interesting twist, the questions asked werebilly gates actually submitted by the readers of the BBC.

In it, Gates speaks at length about the future of computing. Apparently, it’s all about “natural user interfaces.” Think touch-sensitive interfaces like the iPhone on every electronic gadget you use. What does this mean? The keyboard and mouse as we know it today will gradually disappear.

There are also some funny moments in the interview when he assesses his competitors. He says of Google: “Google has done a good job”.

File that away as understatement of the year.

And this choice quote when he says he doesn’t use any of his competitors’ products:

“There are no Macs in my house”

I bet that makes him really popular with his kids.

You can read excerpts and watch the interview here.


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