Check Out Where You Please

Apple recently announced that it will be shutting down traditional cash registers in all of its retail stores (except for tourist-heavy flagship locations). The stores will instead allow customers to check out anywhere on the floor using handheld portable devices, which have already been in use at Apple’s stores for the past few years. This change may seem insignificant, but here’s why we think it’s worth writing about:

  • Checkout gets streamlined. If a customer is talking to an employee about getting an iMac, for example, that customer can just make the purchase without having to go to another checkpoint in the store. Basically, Apple is making it easy for customers to fork over their money. This is smart. Very smart. If someone is going to shell out their hard-earned loot, the least a company can do is make it easy to do so. Not enough stores make it easy. Apple is different.
  • Employees get credit where credit is due. Never again will customers hear “Did anyone help you with your purchase today?” Though Apple Store employees aren’t on commission, it’s nice that they’ll be able to ring up the customers they’ve assisted on the spot.
  • Less paper. Customers can opt to forgo a traditional printed receipt in favor of an email copy. It’s safe, its secure, and its eco-friendly to boot.

Since the portable checkout devices can only perform credit card transactions, Apple will conduct cash/check transactions at the Genius Bar. Here’s to the brave new world of retail. CLICK HERE to read the full scoop at MacDailyNews.

apple checkout

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