(S)Wash and (Re)Wear

We’re not yet sure what to make of Swash – it’s both very smart/convenient and a little troubling at the same time. Essentially, Swash is a line of “laundry” products by P&G that’s designed to “clean” clothing on-demand. The line has 5 products – a stain-remover, an all-purpose stain/odor/wrinkle reducer, a steaming/pressing kit, a lint remover, and an odor remover. P&G appears to be targeting the college-set with Swash, and touts the eco-friendliness of saving energy and water when “clothes go from your back to the floor and back again…”

It seems that the products are designed to mask and freshen as opposed to actually clean clothing, though that’s probably sufficient for most college-age customers. The products would also be great to for travel, when full-blown laundry facilities are hard to come by. Swash just goes to show you that no offering is ever fully mature – you can always do something to reinvent and reinvigorate your existing lineup. Learn more at Swash.

Swash Logo

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