Social, but Exclusive

Diamond Lounge, which launched this month, is a new social networking site that’s a little less open that Facebook or Myspace. And by “a little less open” we mean there’s an application process, and the acceptance rate as of launch was about 1.4%. (For comparison’s sake, Harvard’s undergraduate acceptance rate is about 10%). Accepted members pay a $60/₤30/€45 monthly fee to be part of this network.

The club is modeled after real-world exclusive clubs such as Studio 54, The Viper Rooms, and Bungalow 8. What’s particularly interesting about Diamond Lounge is that the site offers two separate social spaces – one for business, and one for social interactions, allowing members to present themselves differently in each space. Members will also have access to private social and business events so they can interact with one another in the real world as well.

Learn more (or submit an application) at Diamond Lounge.


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