A Deeper Shade of Green

The WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) recently published a fascinating report entitled Deeper Luxury: Quality and Style when the World Matters. The document aims to educate consumers, manufacturers, and celebrities about the impact of luxury goods on the environment and society, and goes so far as to grade various companies on their global stewardship. The premise is simple: high-cost luxury goods should come from a luxury value chain – they shouldn’t be produced using unfair labor practices and they shouldn’t put undue strain on the environment.

The report is on the long side, but here are some of our favorite highlights:

“Many luxury consumers are part of an affluent, global elite that is increasingly well educated and concerned about social and environmental issues. These consumers use luxury products as a symbol of success. The definition of success – and the way it is perceived by others – is changing. Many successful people now want the brands they use to reflect their concerns and aspirations for a better world.”

“Luxury brands have become more accessible, making it harder to appeal to consumers on the grounds of exclusivity. Instead, their added value for consumers could be derived from superior environmental and social performance, expressed through “deeper” brand values and more sustainable business practices.”

You can download the full report HERE.


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