Invest in Youth

thrasher funds

Thrasher Funds is offering a new investment vehicle aimed specifically at today’s image-obsessed youth. From the site:

“The GendeX™ Mutual Fund offers Next Investors, a group of more than 60 million Gen X and Y’ers largely overlooked by the financial market place until now, the opportunity to leverage their youth along with a disciplined investment and savings strategy to help use what they already know to engage the stock market. We provide the Next Generation of investors the opportunity to invest in markets near to them, while providing the structure, fundamentals, and diversity currently available in investment products aimed at older generations.”

Thrasher created the fund for “any investor who does not feel a connection to the traditional investment establishment.” To better connect with their target market, the investment firm has Thrasher TV, a MySpace page, and a sponsored Daily Candy email. The funs holdings – the “X&Y 400” – allow younger investors to invest in companies they know (or at least think they know) well. It consists of 400 securities, including Apple, Bank of America, Microsoft, Google, American Apparel, Uniqlo, Burberry, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton.

It’s an interesting concept, certainly, and one that blows open the door to serve a relatively un-tapped population of investors. Learn more (or invest) at Thrasher Funds.


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