Artificial A.I.

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a new site that helps organizations get human help for small tasks that are done better by humans than by computers. Though computers, codes, and programs can perform many tasks better, faster, and more effectively than human beings, there are some tasks that still require human intelligence. Mechanical Turk is a marketplace, of sorts, that connects those that need human help with those willing to give it.

For developers and organizations, Mechanical Turk solves the problem of building applications that have not worked well due to a lack of human intelligence. Users – the “Mechanical Turks” in the equation – earn money for each HIT (Human Intelligence Task) they complete. For example, a HIT might be “find the object that every pronoun refers to” in a specific text. For every pronoun identified, the user would get $0.01. Users can work as long as they want, whenever they want.
Visit Amazon Mechanical Turk to learn more about the concept (and learn what’s behind the unusual name).


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